Comparaison of non-deterministic iterative methods

  • Codes for Windows 2000
  • This software requires:
  • A parameter file that describes how the figure should be drawn.
  • You can see in the parameter file two file names corresponding to the results of multiple execution of two different non-deterministic iterative methods. Here are two examples of such files of results: example1 and example2
  • The code produces either a PostScript file or an encapsulated PostScript file if the extension indicated is .eps
  • The very first version of a working paper is also available.
  • Description of few problems arising when using the code.
  • J'ai également écrit un chapitre d'un livre qui se penche en partie sur cette problématique.
  • Slides MIC'01.
  • Figure 1 MIC'01.
  • Figure 2 MIC'01.
  • Figure 3 MIC'01.

    The software is in an early development phase (for instance, there are no coherence checks for the parameters given by the user). Few bugs have already been report. However, your comments are welcome.

    Comparaison of success rates

    On-line computation.