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STAMP Diagram generation - Introduction

This tool gives you the opportunity to generate graph to compare your optimization methods. This short introduction explains how it work.

First, you will have to generate a result file for each optimization method according to a given format, which you will then submit through the WEB interface (sample files are available in interface "demo mode").

Then, your datas will have to be preprocessed, according to objective function (min, max) and other parameters. Once this is done, fill some parameters for the graph (size, axis properties, ...) and generate diagram.

You can also generate confidence diagrams between methods to see if one of these, according to a given confidence level, is really better than another.

The interface works like this : there's a main navigation bar at the top of the page. Just below, another navigation bar (smaller) is used to navigate in the current tab options. Some options are required to generate graph, some other not. When it's the first time you click a tab, you'll see Help.

Important ! Do not forget to update a page before changing tab or your modifications will be lost ! Abuse Update button is permitted. When you use the Update button, you'll also see a link Next step appear. Follow it to go to the next important page.

Also note that you should always wait that your browser finished reload after an update. Also be patient when generating graphs as it can take some time...

Just press button to proceed !

For those that are interested about implementation, application is server-side located, using PHP5 for dynamic WEB Interfaces. Encapsulated PostScript graphs and Statistics are generated using C routines. A little (as little as possible...) of JavaScript is integrated in client-side.