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Statistical Tests for Proportions Comparison

See Bibliography for more details about this statistical test.


Let the sample 1 have a success rate of a/n and sample 2 have a success rate of b/m. Fill in the following form, knowing that the condition a/n >= b/m should be respected.

  Sample 1   Sample 2
# of successes [a]   [b]
# of failures 0 [n-a]   0 [m-b]
Total [n]   [m]


Please fill values above...

Other implementations

Tests have also been implemented in C and Java libraries. C provides two little console samples, Java has a console and GUI version of the test. See README files for more details.


Éric D. Taillard, Philippe Waelti, Jacques Zuber, "Few statistical tests for proportions comparison", Technical report, HEIG-Vd, 2006.